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Northeast State Branding Guide and Logos

Please follow these design guidelines and use these official logos for publications, flyers, presentations and anything else distributed among Northeast State.

Design Guidelines

Primary Brand Colors

Northeast State’s colors are teal and navy blue. We feel these colors reflect the lush landscape of the Appalachian Highlands and the richness of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  • Navy Blue
    • Hex Code: #00476c
    • R: 0 G: 71 B: 108 
    • CMYK: 100, 18, 0, 65
  • Teal
    • Hex Code: #00937e
    • R: 0 G: 147 B: 126
    • CMYK: 94, 0, 56, 18

Alternate Colors

These colors can be used as an additional accent when paired with the primary brand colors.

  • Pantone 666U
  • Pantone 570U
  • Pantone 7411U
  • Pantone 7494U
  • Pantone 629U
  • Pantone 551U
  • Pantone 7415U
  • Pantone 615U
  • Pantone 534U
  • Pantone 242U
  • Pantone 5555U
  • Pantone 633U
  • Pantone 543U
  • Pantone 1675U
  • Pantone 616U
  • Pantone 2756U
  • Pantone 568U
  • Pantone 5125U
  • Pantone 5545U
  • Pantone 315U
  • Pantone 175U
  • Pantone 619U
  • Pantone 547C


The imagery most commonly associated with Northeast State are logos. We have a variety of approved logos (or marks) representing Northeast State Community College as well as internal logos associated with departments, clubs, and programs. All logos are designed and approved through the Marketing and Community Relations office.




Northeast State Logo - vertical with tagline






Logo Format and Usage

Logo Use Violations

When representing Northeast State, we ask that you do not modify any of our logos. Modification includes changing colors outisde of guideliness, rotating the image, adding or removing marks or text, skewing or stretching, or resizing any aspect of the image. (See examples.)

Northeast State logo usage examples

Solid Color Logos

Solid colors from the official palette are acceptable, as are black and white.


White Horizontal Logo (PNG)

Black Horizontal Logo (PNG)

Please contact the Marketing department for any other logo design questions. 


Logo fonts:

northeast-state-branding-guide---fonts---helvetica-bold-condensed.pngHelvetica Condensed Bold

Northeast State Branding guide - Century Gothic font
Century Gothic

northeast-state-branding-guide---fonts---helvetica-condensed.pngHelvetica Condensed

Helvetica Condensed Light

Adobe Caslon Pro

Myriad Pro

Northeast State branding guide - Bahnschrift font

Web Fonts:

Our website uses freely-accessible fonts through Google Fonts that can also be used for digital projects. Please only use these fonts when making changes on the Northeast State website. The CMS defaults to these, but it can change if you're pasting from Outlook or Word. Contact if you're having trouble fixing them.

Headings: Roboto Condensed

Body text: PT Serif

If you have questions about these or other branding guidelines, please contact us in the Marketing Department:

Bob Carpenter, Director of Marketing and Communications

Mackenzie Moore-Gent, Communications Coordinator

Bill Rambo, Front End Developer

Thomas Wilson, Community Relations Coordinator

Connect with Northeast State

Northeast State Community College, a Tennessee Board of Regents institution, is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. For questions or concerns, please contact the Affirmative Action Officer.