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Website Editing Tips and Tricks

Log In to the CMS

Removed from the online version for security purposes. Please contact a member of the web team if you need help logging in.


Edit Your Content

  1. Hit the Edit icon in the top right of the page.
  2. Make changes as needed.
    • If your page is one of the more complex ones with rows and columns, editing will be a little more complicated. Contact a member of the web team if you need assistance.
  3. When your changes are done hit the three dots icon  in the top right and then Check Content and Submit.
  4. Hit the Blue Checkmark icon at the top right if you don’t see any issues and you can start the workflow.


Create A Link

  1. Highlight the text you’d like to become a link.
  2. Click the 🔗 icon.
    1. If it’s an internal link: click the Internal checkbox, click Choose Page and find the page in the Browse tab
    2. If it’s an external link: click the External checkbox and paste the link in the Link Source box.
  3. Put the text of the link in both the Text To Display and the Title boxes.
  4. If it’s internal leave Target as None; if it’s external change Target to New.
  5. Hit the OK Button, save your changes and test your link to make sure it works.
    1. If you test the link without saving first, it’ll open the link and probably not save the changes you’ve made.


Create An Image

  1. Put the cursor in the area you’d like to have an image.
  2. Click the Image icon.
  3. Images should only be internal, so ignore the external option.
  4. Hit Choose File and search the image you’d like to use in the Browse tab.
    1. If the image you want to use isn’t available, contact a member of the web team to have it created.
  5. Hit the blue Choose button.
  6. In Image Description put a description of what’s in the image to make sure it’s accessible.
  7. Update the Image Size if needed. Images usually don’t need to be larger than 600px on the largest side.
  8. Save your changes and make sure the image looks good in the preview. Click the image and hit the icon again to make changes as needed.


Make A Button (Easy difficulty) 

  1. Create a link using the link icon 🔗.
  2. Edit the source by clicking the <> icon.
  3. Add class=”btn btn-primary” to the <a> tag of the link
    1. What does this do? “btn” is a class that tells the system to turn the link into a button; “btn-primary” is the button with the main colors and style that we use for them.


Make A Full Width Image (Easy difficulty) 

  1. Add the image from our library
  2. Edit the source by clicking the <> icon.
  3. Add class=”img-fluid” to the <img> object
    1. What does this do? “img-fluid” is a class that tells the system the image should fit within the bounds of any screen it’s viewed on, eg computer, phone, etc.


Make Columns (Medium difficulty)

  1. Edit the source
  2. Add a line of text that says: <div class=”row”></div>
  3. In between you’ll add two of these: <div class=”col-6”></div>
  4. It should now look like:
    1. <div class=”row”>
      <div class=”col-6”></div>
          <div class=”col-6”></div>
  5. You’ve now got two columns! The entire row is 12 columns. You can do any combination of columns in a row as long as it adds up to 12, eg. Col-2/col-8/col-2, col-4/col-4/col-4, etc. but for most purposes two columns of col-6 should be fine for these pages.
  6. The editor doesn’t play nice when editing this content so it’s easier to edit column content in the source view.


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